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Best 3D Printing Tourture Tests
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Best 3D Printing Tourture Tests

Top 10 3D Printer Tourture Tests


Calibrating your 3D printer can be a pain, but it doesn't always have to be that way! Check out our top free 3D printer test prints.

Torture is not generally thought to be a good or useful thing. However, in the context of 3D printer calibration, “torture” is used to describe a 3d printer brands ability to handle certain models.

Torture test models are designed to specifically test certain abilities of your 3D printer. These range from testing your printer’s ability to span bridges or print overhangs. Other torture tests might test dimensional accuracy or surface finish. Still, others may test slicer settings such as speed, temperature, or layer extrusion.

Here is a list of some of the best 3D Printer tourture tests.





Let’s start with the classic: 3DBenchy is the flagship of all 3D printer torture tests. This model tests everything from overhangs to extrusion.

If you want to put your printer to the test, Benchy will help you pinpoint the settings to tweak for perfect prints.

Who designed it? CreativeTools


The All In One


The All-In-One 3D Printer Test is exactly what it says it is! Overhangs, bridges, stringing, extrusion, temperature, belt tension – this model tests them all. If you want to test your printer on multiple layers (pun intended), be sure to try this torture test!

After printing, if there are some parts that need attention, you can find a fix by reading our comprehensive troubleshooting guide.

Who designed it? majda107


XY Calibration Cube


This calibration cube is a simple, fast, and easy model to put your printer to the test. Its primary goal is to help you dial in your printer’s dimensional accuracy by tweaking its axes’ steps per mm. But you can also test temperature, extrusion, and vibration.

Who designed it? iDig3Dprinting


 Tempreture Calibration Tower

As the name implies, this model is a smart, compact temperature calibration tower. It tests overhangs, bridges, stringing, and even your printer’s capabilities to print curvy shapes. Of course, it’s also a great way to quickly calibrate your printer’s temperature.

Who designed it? gaaZolee


 Hollow Calibration Cube

The Funky Hollow Calibration Cube is a test print in the shape of a wireframe cube with a solid base. In other words, as seen in the image above, this cube has an outline with gaps between the connected perimeters. Overall, this test is a quick and effective way to test retraction, oozing, bridging, dimensional accuracy, and layer shifting.

Who designed it? orionwnix


 Bed Leveling Test Print

Bed leveling is often the trickiest part of printer calibration. This model is here to help! It helps you see how to improve your first layer to produce the best prints.

Who designed it? pgreenland



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