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Top 7 Upgrades for your 3D Printer
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Top 7 Upgrades for your 3D Printer

Top 6 upgrades to PIMP your 3D Printer 

There are many modifications for 3D printers out there, many of them useful, some even printable. We’ve narrowed it down to a list of the best 6 that should work on just about any generic printer.

3D Printer upgrades usually address one of 4 different criteria: Print Quality, User Friendliness, Peace of Mind, and general Reworking of 3D Printers.

Print Quality mods are ones that will physically improve the quality of prints from a given printer. Such mods could be hot-end related, such as fan ducts, as well as belt tensioners.

User Friendly mods will improve the overall experience of using your 3D printer. This type of upgrade would be something like new bed leveling knobs or a better spool holder.

Peace of Mind mods do exactly what the name suggests: Make your printer safer and more reliable. Such mods include wire strain relief brackets and mounts for webcams to monitor your prints.

Printer Rework mods involve completely replacing parts of the printer to improve or change their function. These sorts of mods include new extruders and control boards.

Lets get started…


  1. BL Touch Bl Touch

A perfectly level bed is likely the most important part of a good print. Improper levels cause a variety of problems, including (but not limited to) delamination, warping, elephant’s foot, etc.

The best way to keep your bed as level as possible is to install an automatic leveling sensor like the BL Touch. Once you’ve leveled your bed manually, the sensor is able to probe the bed and automatically account for inconsistencies while printing.

 2. Stepper Dampers


Tired of hearing those high-pitched stepper motor noises all day? A good modification to reduce the amount of noise your printer makes is a set of stepper dampers. Not only are they relatively cheap and easy to install, but the difference in noise levels is also almost immediately noticeable.

3. Adhesive Assistance


While glue sticks and painter’s tape are all well and good, they can vary in quality and are a bit of a hassle to use every time you want to print something. A surface like BuildTak will greatly improve the consistency of your bed adhesion and you won’t have to replace it half as often.

4. Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

One of the most widely used systems for remotely accessing, monitoring and controlling your 3D printers is the Raspberry Pi. These powerful little microcomputers run a version of OctoPrint (known as OctoPi) that allows you to do everything from slice a file remotely to taking time-lapses while simultaneously streaming live video.

So, if you want to be able to view your prints, check for errors remotely and control your printer from the cloud, a Raspberry Pi might be the perfect mod for you!

5. Extruders

Dual Gear Aluminium Extruder

Most of the time, stock extruders are just fine for printing in everyday PLA and ABS filaments, but what about those flexible materials? Installing a new extruder, like the Creality Dual Gear extruder will greatly enhance your printer by allowing you to print a wider range of materials more easily and accurately, without the worry of filament jams and other extrusion mishaps.

Each variety of extruder will have a different set of qualities, like torque, grip, and filament path constraints, so it’s a good idea to shop around to find what will best fit your printing needs.

6. Multi Colour Printing

Mosaic Pallete

So maybe you don’t want or need to completely change your printer’s functions, but you still want a little more variety in your prints. Enter the Mosaic Pallette 2. Such devices allow you to print in multiple colors with only one extruder. Using this, you can get a range of colors and materials into a single print, allowing you to mix and match properties to your liking.

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