BL Touch Replacement Pin

BL Touch Replacement Pin

Proximity sensor, M12, 6-36V, PNP, Normally Closed

Proximity sensor, M12, 6-36V, PNP, Normally Closed

Temperature Controller, 12V

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Stand alone temperature controller to control the temperature to a set point.  This is often used to control the temperature of a heated bed if the printed does not have the functionality built in.  It can also be used for hot houses, incubation chambers, chillers or other temperature sensitive device.  How the controller works it it requires 12V DC to run, but it has a separate input for the power that goes to the heater or cooler.  This power can be DC or AC as it is switched with a separate relay.  The temperature controller includes a 10k Thermistor to measure the temperature.  This controller can be set to heat up or cool down depending on the application and also includes a high temperature alarm.


  • Temperature measurement range: -50 Degree C - 110 Degree C
  • Control Type: Heating or Cooling
  • Accuracy: 0.1 Degree C  
  • Refresh rate: 0.5 seconds  
  • High temperature protection: 0 - 110 Degree C  
  • Input voltage: 12V DC  
  • Temperature Sensor: 10k NTC Thermistor (waterproof)  
  • Output: 20A for 0 - 14V DC or 5A for 0 - 250V AC  
  • Environmental requirements: -10 Degree C - 60 Degree C, Humidity 20% - 85%  
  • Controller Size: 48mm (length) x 29mm (width) x 32mm (height)  
  • Cutout size: 46 x 26.5mm

Package includes: 

  • 1 x Temperature Controller 
  • 1 x Temperature Sensor

Wiring Diagram:


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